World Schedule in Companion App is Inaccurate

Hi - does anyone else have this issue where the world schedule in the companion app is incorrect? E.g. Today, France/Paris is active but the monthly calendar shows London/Yorkshire.

I couldn’t find it in the “known issues” group.

ETA: I am running on Android, v3.53.0

There were problems but think they have been resolved. All ok on my CA.

Are you sure you are on latest version 3.53 of CA.

are you on android or ios?

My android companion app is also off a day, has been a bug for a long time. version 3.53.0 (1694)

@shooj this is already a known issue right?

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IOS IPad Air 2. I certainly had the day out issue from around July until approx Nov/Dec but it is fixed now, for me.

Yes, I’m on Android v3.53.0 and have also had the issue for a while (months).

I do have the same issue, also on Android. 3.53.0 (1694)

This seems to still be an issue in version 3.55.0 as of today.

I am having the same issue today. 3/20/24. Can we notify Zwift?

Sure contact support if you want to get their attention. You will have to go numerous rounds with the chat bot before you can reach them.

On Android the World Schedule has consistently been wrong (it’s off one day in the attached screen shot). Android World Schedule

Hey all - thanks for the continued reports on this known issue. It is on our to-do list.