Ride (level) doesn’t count but i have already saved the data

Hi, i need help
First, sorry for my bad english

My last ride london the prl half already saved and already showed on companion, then i reached level 25 (as photo) but my account still at level 24, it seems the ride doesn’t count
I already sent an email but still no reply from zwift
Is it possible to recover the ride so my level back to 25 ?


@shooj sorry for disturbing you, can you help me to solve my problem? Thanks

Hi @Irawan_Pratama

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That usually happen when you have Zwift open on multiple devices.

Hi @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ thanks for your reply

Actually i had 2 same cases…
And after i checking up again from 2 ride that not count, maybe it because i ride at london time and ended with no more london, the country already change… so i ride between time change…
I found it after i know i had another same case and i remember it because ride during time change…
Am i correct? Cmiiw thanks