Ride just stops, tech is still connected

A couple of times now (only on workouts, not on ‘free rides’) my avator just slowed down to a stop and no amount of pedaling would make him go again. 

Stupid question, probably, but are there workouts with a predefined start and stop, and maybe I had just completed it and that’s why the ride seemed to end?

I did notice one time, by accident, that if I clicked the U-turn button on MobileLink, I was riding again!

Hopefully this question makes sense. Loving Zwift otherwise!

Without looking at your logs, I can’t say for sure what may have gone wrong, but it sounds like your sensors were disconnected. If you see it happen again, check your pairing screen (hotkey: A).

If you see “no signal” it would confirm this is the issue, and you’d want to check for things that could be causing signal interference, a low battery, or anything else that might be hijacking your sensors (by trying to pair with them at the same time).

You can also submit a ticket at bit.ly/zwiftsupport if you need more help. :slight_smile: