Ride is on Zwift power but not visible in Zwift Companion [March 2024] [1.59]

Just conmpleted Stage 1 of the Zwift Games - ride saved (got the ride video on my iPad auto upload!!) and ride has registered my time in Zwift power however the .fit file is not there (says its empty) and there is no ride on the companion app.

Any suggestions please?


Are you running Zwift on Windows? Make sure Zwift has write access to the Documents folder and that it is not stopped by Windows’ ransomware protection.

Thanks for reply - am running on iPad latest iOS. Not had this problem before.

Hi @Luke_Robbins welcome to Zwift Forums! This is Gerald, I’m a Support Colleague and pleased to read you’re doing Zwift Games, I can imagine how important it is for you to get your ride saved!

Please make sure to not log in on multiple devices since this can result in your data being not saved. In case you haven’t received credit for Stage 1, please do not hesitate to reach out back to us at support@zwift.com and share screenshots of the video saved or of the ride registered in Zwift Power.