Ios Ipad Tech Issues - .fit file exists but won't pair with other devices

Hi all,I completed a zwift ride on my iPad this evening. The ride is registered on my iPad but not on [] and when I try emailing the .fit file that I can see when i double click on the zwift start page nothing comes through on email any suggestions??? Initially, my iPad registered my ride tonight in the overall total and now it has gone back to yesterday’s total. The ride has not paired with any of my other devices and isn’t in my documents (zwift folder) on my Mac either. i am really keen to see the stats because I know I got a PB on the overall circuit. Any help would be very much appreciated.

Hi Emma. I’m sorry that the data for your activity has gotten lost, and that no one has gotten back to you yet. I don’t use ios devices so I can’t vouch for the solution at this link but it seems to address your situation in trying to access the fit file directly on your ipad.