Ride completed…won’t save

I’m not sure they will to be fair. If it’s not saving through the game or companion app i think you’re out of options.

There’s a lot of experience here and if there was a solution you’d have got it by now.

@Craig_Whitaker Unfortunately it sounds like if the FIT file is corrupted, and if you weren’t able to repair it with something like the FIT file repair tool, there doesn’t sound to be any other workaround to recover it at this time. I’ll reach out to you directly to collect some more information and the problematic FIT file, and we’ll use that to try to prevent this issue from happening again in the future.

@Craig_Whitaker Just a quick follow-up on this - we’re working on this issue and are targeting having a fix out for it in the next major game release.

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I’m having this problem right now. First time it’s ever happened. Nothing different about this ride other than I did notice the companion app took a while to sync with my laptop after I started the ride this morning.

Hi @Jeff_Teicher, welcome to Zwift Forums!

Just to confirm that we’re on the same page; you’re having issues saving your rides, is that correct? Could you please verify your Zwift companion app is running our latest version 3.55.1? I would also, advise you to check game version is up to date. Find the steps on this article how to update it in case is needed.

Yessss. And it is not saving!!! Help please

What are you running the game on?

I have cycling. And it is not saving!!! I click, but no result!!

I can’t tell what you are running the game on. What kind of device is running Zwift?

Ipad, iOs

OK I am not aware of any current bugs related to saving on iPadOS. If your Internet connectivity is good, and the iPad storage is not full, I would try deleting the game and reinstalling it, and if that doesn’t help, contact support.

I will lose current results

You can go straight to support and see what they say. I have no idea if your last ride can be preserved. Any rides already saved will not be lost.

I seem to having the same issue just now. Zwift stays in the Save your ride screen with the circle running forever but won’t save the ride.

I’m also able to go back and continue the ride but when I try to save again it just won’t save

Hi @Johannes_Paivarinta! I’m Gian from Zwift.

I’m sorry to hear that your rides aren’t saving. Thank you for sharing a screenshot here.

I’ve decided to reach out to you via email to better assist you. Please check your inbox, we’ll continue helping you over there!

I am also having the same problem on an iPad. The ride I just completed got stuck on wheel of doom on save screen. Plenty of storage on iPad and connected to super fast broadband. My ride is now lost!!

Hi @Andrew_Mcfetrich, thanks for your input, I’m sorry about the lost ride. If an issue occurred and you weren’t able to completely save your activity, is possible that it wasn’t uploaded to your Zwift Feed.

While the activity won’t show up, you can still recover the fit. file for any purpose you may have with it, or to upload it to third parties like Strava! You can check this article for more information if you’re interested.

Ride On.

Thanks. I downloaded the .fit file and have uploaded it to Strava, which was the main thing for me.

Is it a bug? Hoping it won’t happen again on my next ride! Never had the issue previously so fingers crossed.

This has just happened to me, the screen said something along the lines of “connection timed out, activity is saved locally and will upload when commection returns”… no sign of the ride now that connection is back, its not on my zwift, strava or zwift companion. Really annoying!

Have you done another ride? On the few occasions when I had trouble saving, an upload happened when I rode again.

If that doesn’t work out you should be able to upload the fit file to Strava manually.