Help! 2 rides didn’t save

Help!!! Did 2 rides today and one saved only partially; the other (zwift academy workout 1 over/unders) didn’t save at all!!! When I hit save after the ride on Apple TV both times the wheel started spinning like it was saving but then it stopped and nothing saved to Strava, companion or today’s plan. The academy ride was sooo hard! Surely it’s not lost! Please help me!

It may be related to this:

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I didn’t have any trouble logging in to do the rides. They just didn’t save. And now it’s stuck but wasn’t before. How can I get these rides to save correctly??

Both are showing on ZwiftPower now but not on Strava or Today’s Plan or Companion app

One is now on companion too. Hopefully just Academy ride is just delayed and will show up soon. :crossed_fingers:t2: