Good Morning. I am newbie to ZWIFT and there are a number of nuances to the software which I hope can be explained.

  First off I am using a WAHOO KICKR SNAP with your software and both a regular spindown and advanced Spindown have been performed.  When I am using Zwift I do not have the Wahoo App running.

  My problem is that I have DISABLED the ERG mode but at various times during any of my rides there is a very noticeable resistance being applied through the trainer. This problem occurs on both flats and grades and at random times. WHY?

  Also, in the personalized setting window while the SKIN TYPE & FRAME COLOR sliders are there neither one has any title type above the respective slider and the FRAME COLOR slider does not function.

  If your suggestion is to re-install the software that has been done to no avail.

  Any help you can provide will be very much appreciated


(Michael Shirey) #2

Have you checked your firmware version of the Snap?  There seems to be a beta firmware you can apply that might fix your issue since others are having similar experiences.