Revolut cards

I’m trying to renew my account with my Revolut card, which is a debit card, and it will come back with an error, I’ve tried multiple times with several different cards and it will not work.
Does anyone know if Revolut cards are not accepted generally?

thanks !

I’m not entirely familiar with that card but if it’s a prepaid debit card then it likely won’t be able to be used for monthly membership fees without cancelling and starting a new membership each month since most prepaid cards don’t accept recurring fees and will deny the second charge. This might be something you can work out with the card issuer, or you may be able to use it as a payment method on PayPal and sign up with PayPal as the payment method. If you want us to take a look at the errors to see if they have anything more insightful, you can reach out to support here.

It’s exactly that.