Resuming Membership after Pausing

I recently paused my membership for a short period as I was unable to ride the bike, I then got back on it in last few days. My error, I hadn’t read how to resume membership, so just got on and rode thinking it would automatically reactivate. I then saw it said 25km remaining and realised I need to resume it through my profile.
Anyway, I rode for 13km then resumed it, but today it is still showing I have 12km remaining and my next payment is due in December as no payment was taken this month.

Does this mean I only have 12km to use until my payment is taken in December, basically meaning I can’t do any meaningful riding this month?

You can end the pause at any time, but you have to do it on the website or wherever. This resets the payment cycle, so that you’ll pay for the month starting on the day you resume your subscription.