pausing membership for summer? (close account?)

(Ron Kramer AGE:60) #1

I just noticed something.  It says you can create a new account if you come back.  So in the fall when I come back - does my account start from scratch?  I don’t like that - though not enough to pay all summer for nothing.

I was just racing my first race and near the end I get a pop up that pauses the race and says  join or be bumped.   REALLY?  near the end of the race mid - day? 


There was a notice at the bottom of the screen, but I thought that was counting down to the end of the race!  (not my trial) !!!  how am I to renew in the middle of a race.   THAT SUCKED

(Paul Allen) #2

You can stop paying at any time and your account will be go inactive until you come back and it will be the same as when you left. 

(Ron Kramer AGE:60) #3

oh nice thanks.