Result and gain Zwiftpower

After completing a race ( ZHQ FutureWorks Crit City Race - Anti-sandbagging), I have no data in the columns “Rank Before”, “Rank for event” and “Rank gain”.
The 2 runners who finished behind me have a better rank
Could someone explain to me?

Looks like you have no race rankings achieved in past 90 days (default Ranking therefore 600). The two that are behind you have previously attained some points from events. Only those with points shown (in the far right column) gain points from that particular event.

By the way, your recent events are marked as private so you wont have final data displayed (green lightning bolt instead of blue so your performance data shown is incomplete). Not sure if you know.

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There’s a good article on Zwift Insider about how rankings work here: How ZwiftPower Calculates Rider Rankings | Zwift Insider

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Ok thx
In fact, I haven’t raced for a long time.
How do I switch from green lightning to blue lightning?
my privacy settings for my activities in zwift companion were set to “private”. Is it because of that?

Yes, they need to be public for your live data to come through.

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