Restarting a Paused Workout

When I Pause during a workout, how do I restart from the point I paused at?

If you paused using the companion app, the pause button turns into a play button while paused. Simply tap on the play button to resume.

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I was doing a workout after the most recent update to Zwift using an Apple laptop and when I paused the workout (clicking on the screen caused the row of blue symbols to appear at the bottom of the screen of which one was ‘pause’) and then when I went to restart it was impossible to get these controls to appear again and there didn’t seem to appear to be any other way to resume the workout. You could still click on the ‘menu’ (orange tile in bottom left) but only viable option was to go ‘back’. Cycling up to speed didn’t cause the workout to resume or get the familiar phrase pop-up telling you to increase resistance to re-engage ERG mode, etc. New update appears to have a flaw. Usually, I have the companion app on my phone running at the same time so assume I could have done it via that, but seems silly not to be able to do it via the laptop. I’ve done hundreds of workouts on Zwift and this it’s the first time I’ve encountered this problem.

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there is no play button to restart for me either. I rebooted Mac. An almost done with using Zwift. It does not work well. it takes me 20 mins. to find a workout and it too hard to turn over pedals.