Response time w/ Apple TV

There is a significant delay in response time with wahoo speed and cadence Bluetooth bike sensors when paired to Apple TV on the Zwift app. I don’t even want to try pairing the sensors with the Zwift Companion app on my iPhone, because of the erratic connection with my Apple Watch for the heart rate monitor.

The delay is at least 3 seconds or more. This needs to improve as seconds are valuable on this platform. This affects real-time overall performance and user satisfaction.

This doesn’t seem to be a common issue discussed on the forum, and there are a lot of complaints n here, so I’m wondering if the issue might be somewhere in your set up, rather than with Zwift. Have you checked for anything that might be interfering with your BT signal?

Could your issue perhaps be because you’ve got the power display setting (in your Settings from the in-game Menu) set to 3 seconds rather than instant?

I had a similar issue. This is how I solved it. You cannot use Bluetooth on your phone to stream music to headphones or a Bluetooth speaker while using the Zwift Companion app to connect your trainer and Apple Watch at the same time. I assume that it’s too much information for the Bluetooth connection to handle all them at once. You’ll have to find another device to play your music from. I had and old iPod touch lying around and just stream my music from it. Now I connect the Apple TV to my trainer and Apple Watch with the Zwift Companion app and it works. On occasion the Apple Watch will lose connections but that’s a problem unrelated to the delay of your trainer. If this happens, I just quickly go back to the menu, and reconnect the Apple Watch and it works. I hope this helps you. Cheers!

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