Apple TV 4K & companion app delay

I am having an issue when paired to the Apple TV 4K and the companion app for HR the hill percentage is out of sink to the screen. If in the rolling hills it will show me going up a hill 7% and it is easy to climb the I go down the back side and it will read on screen -5% down hill and it is hard to pedal then go up and it gets super easy because it seems I am out of sync to the screen. Everything is updated version.
Please help

I’m having the same problem.

I solved the issue for me. You cannot use Bluetooth on your phone to stream music to headphones or a Bluetooth speaker while using the Zwift Companion app to connect your trainer and Apple Watch at the same time. I assume that it’s too much information for the Bluetooth connection to handle all them at once. You’ll have to find another device to play your music from. I had and old iPod touch lying around and just stream my music from it.