Resolution out of range, can't change back


Recently i reinstalled zwift, and after launching the first time i edited the settings so that high settings would be used and zwift would start in full screen. 

I closed zwift and restarted it… And my monitor directly goes to “d-sub out of range”. I do hear the background music though. 

So I guess the resolution is too high for my monitor… But how do i reset this? I cant reach the settings menu, as my monitor goes black as soon as I start zwift. I already tried reinstalling zwift, but somehow my settings were remembered? 


I tried editting the text files in /configs, but to no avail. 


Does this mean i not able to use zwift ever again on the machine? 

I think if you  press [Alt] and [enter] Keys together to toggle between  full screen  mode and  windowed  mode, you will be able to change your settings back.



Uninstall Zwift and make sure you delete everything in the \documents\zwift folder

If you created any custom workouts you might want to save the \documents\zwift\workouts folder somewhere else, also if you have used Zwift on this computer before and you want to keep your max power number over time then you should also move the \documents\zwift\cp folder to a new location and copy it back after reinstalling. 

Hi Rick, you can go to your Documents/Zwift folder on your computer and delete the “prefs” file that lives in there.  Should reset you back to the default settings.


This has been unbelievably frustrating. I switched to full screen mode and Zwift overloaded graphics on the whole computer. When you uninstall Zwift it leaves files that repeat this problem endlessly. Alt enter? Oh please.

Court: I’d make sure that the prefs.xml file in your Zwift documents folder is deleted.

If you’re set for full screen it will have a line with:


Just delete the whole file and Zwift will create a new, default prefs file, which will not be full screen.

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