Manually upping Graphics Resolution

I know Zwift auto detects what video card you have and picks a default setting. Anyone know where and how to go in to the Zwift program and upping the screen resolution . I see in Program Files (x86) - Zwift - Data - Configs (folder) / inside Configs folder I have these text documents basic , current config , high , medium , Profile, Ultra . So how to go from Current to High or Ultra .

Yes, you can change the contents of those files to increase the graphics settings. It’s been explained on this forum. Just do a search for graphics and you come across the posts with instructions.

If there is one thing i hate it’s “Go search the forum” responses.

Anyway, Zwift will select one of those files based on some hard coded graphics card rules.

There will be a entry in the Log.txt that will say something like

“Using high graphics profile”

From this you can edit the appropriate Config file.

You might have to play around with manually setting the Vertical resolution as it’s not entirely “Full screen”. I had to drop a few pixels from the Vertical resolution to accommodate the “Start bar” until it looked ok.

You might also need to redo this config setting after each update.

Sorry you didn’t like my response. Please keep in mind that it’s difficult to rewrite instructions or dig up links when someone ask a question that I or others have already answered. Often times it serves the person asking the question better if I can direct them to some quick answers now rather than ignore the question completely because I don’t have time to write a full answer. It’s also not such a bad thing to keep a common discussion under the same thread instead of having a bunch threads all talking about the same thing.

Chris, if its “difficult” for you to “dig up links” regarding a “question that [you] already answered,” imagine how difficult it is for the person looking for the information.  At least you know what to search for (or could just search for your own name and some key words).

Lottery, thanks for the info.  This page is the highest ranked page for a Google search on this topic, so its nice to have the info easily obtained.


At the time I wrote that I hadn’t the time to write a full explanation. I suggested a search as I thought that may give the person with a question a quicker resolution than me not writing anything at all. You guys criticizing me for trying to be helpful are acting as though I’m a Zwift employee. Out of line. 

Additionally, as this was an old thread, those instructions no longer apply. There is a graphics setting in the game now which allows you to choose, low, medium, high or Ultra graphics. You don’t need to modify log files. 

Hi Chris,

Sorry that I misunderstood your message.  You are saying now that you “hadn’t had the time to write an explanation” whereas your original message talked about the difficulty of “re-writing” a “question that you already answered.”  Given that, surely you can understand how Lottery was a bit miffed that you had the info he needed but just told him to go search.  

Again, so sorry for the misunderstanding.  Sometimes its difficult to communicate in writing.



Additionally, the graphic settings are now low, medium, and high.  Ultra has been removed.  

For people finding this thread in the future, these settings can be accessed in from the WRENCH icon in the lower right…

Ultra has not been removed, but if your machine is not capable of running in ultra you will not see the option. When running Zwift on my laptop, the highest setting I see is High. When running Zwift on my more capable desktop computer, I have the Ultra option. 

Chris, can you describe the difference you see between High and Ultra?  Is it a substantial difference?  I do spend a lot of time in Zwift and enjoy the realism – is it that much of a difference to be worth upgrading?

The only thing I hate more than “Go search the forum” posts are Necrobumps.

Yes, to my eye the difference between ultra and high is significant and worthwhile. I’ll take anything that makes the experience more lifelike and Ultra brings more texture detail, better lighting/shading and resolution. Note, though that some setups will allow you to use a higher setting that may sacrifice frame rate. In other words, just because Zwift lets your run ultra or high , for some setups you might want to choose a lower setting for smoothness. 

That is good information.  What do you use for a monitor?  With Ultra having a resolution of 2560x1440 I would have to upgrade from a HD definition television (1920×1080) to see any difference.

I use a projector with standard 1920x1080 high definition. You don’t need higher resolution than that to see the big gains from high to ultra.

There may be more resolution to be gained using a higher resolution monitor beyond what I’m seeing, but I’m not positive. I believe when I was researching this in more detail last season that Zwift had indicated the output resolution did not go beyond 1920x1080, and that the 2560x1440 was used just to generate better detailed shadows and textures. 

The site is refering to 1440 ultra setting, 1080 high setting and 1080 ultra. How can I choose 1080 ultra? I only have 4k uhd, 1440 and 1080 high to choose from on my computer.