Resistance with Hammer trainer

When pairing via ant the trainer shows up as a number and with the phone app connected shows up as the hammer why the difference?

While riding a group training ride I had to keep a very high cadence 100 plus and I was out of gears to maintain the power levels requested 50/11. the resistance became the hardest durning the cool down segment. I stayed with the group and met most of the power levels during the ride. I have completed a spin down calibration and have a FTP set in my profile. Any help would be great as I’m a newer member 

Re names. That’s how it is with the Hammer. With ANT+ it comes up as a Saris and there will be 2 to choose from. Choose the FE-C one. Using Bluetooth via a phone it comes up as a Hammer. Choose that if you want to connect by Bluetooth.

Make sure to do the spindown using the free Rouvy app from the “Freeride” page. Also on this page it will tell you if there is a firmware update. Connect the Rouvy app via Bluetooth. 

If you’re doing a workout on the Hammer you don’t need to change gear. Stay in the small chainring and on about the 15 tooth sprocket on the back. The trainer will change resistance to match the power target. You will confuse the Hammer if you’re constantly changing gear. From the workout screen in Zwift (E key) make sure that ERG mode is selected and your FTP is set. On the pairing screen make sure that the Hammer / Saris FE-C is selected as controllable trainer and also the power source. Cadence as well if you don’t have a cadence sensor. (Latest firmware required for cadence).

Hope this helps.