Resistance problem, free ride resistance to low, racing impossible

I’ve been using Zwift for two years. About two weeks ago, something changed. In free ride mode I kept spinning like an idiot and it was hard to reach more than -lets say- 120W with 125rpm. Completely useless, there is no chance of me attending a race or even doing free rides or any longer. (I tried the last last ZTR races and kept pedalling at 105W for ten minutes) I am not aware of having changed any settings.

Workouts work perfectly normal, if necessary it goes up to 500W.
Is this is a recent bug?
Is the a way to change the initial resistance?
I use BT, Mac (same issue on iOS) and am not aware to have changed anything myself. I am using Elite Rampa and am quite happy with it. It has nothing to do with “trainer-difficulty”. I don’t have a powermeter to calibrate. Using the latest soft- and firmware.

Any ideas? I would love to take part in a race once again!

I have the same issue.

Did you find a fix yet?

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No I haven’t. So I am nit the only one. I opened a ticket but every
thing I had been advised didn’t help. Which trainer do you have?

I have a Wahoo Kickr Core, connected to an android OS11 smartphone via bluetooth.

I’ve found some more topics like this one, dating all the way back to 2016. But I haven’t found a solution yet :confused:

  • a fellow 120rpm 120watts spinning idiot

I have the same issue with my 5 days old kickr core…

Possible fix described in this topic: forums . zwift . com/t/kickr-core-issue-very-little-resistance-trainer-difficulty-disabled/