Resistance feels like it increases downhill in ERG mode

I am noticing that the resistance from my kickr snap feels like it increases when going down hill and doing a workout in ERG mode.

i don’t have a separate power meter to confirm this but based on feel it seems like steep down hill sections feel 30watts harder @95% ftp than going up. The power displayed in Zwift remains constant but it definitely feels harder going down hill.

You need to update your KICKR SNAP software. The same thing was happening to me until I did. Contact WAHOO they will e-mail you the steps to do so.

Thanks for the suggestion. I have just checked my kickr and it seems to be running the latest firmware which was released only last week. Could be the new firmware has changed a setting which may be giving me this issue as I have only noticed this in the past week.

Am going to log a ticket with Wahoo and will report back what they say. Thanks again for your help.

I have the same problem. Did you fixed it?
And how did you do it?