Workout Mode - Too much resistance applied to Kickr on downhill


I have started to see an issue in the way resistance is applied to the Kickr when doing a workout in ERG mode. Its is more prevalent on downhill sections when you are doing an interval with over 160W. Last night for example, I did a workout on the Richmond course and at one point I had to maintain 260W for 6 minutes. This was always going to be a tough interval but it was made even more difficult when I hit the downhill section on Governor St. So much resistance was applied that I was struggling to turn the pedals. (see cadence here )

When in workout mode I don’t expect to see the resistance swing so wildly from one extreme to another. Its the same going uphill the resistance eases off when you hit a climb. This doesn’t happen in TR and the lack of consistency is really frustrating. If I am doing a 90 minute interval workout it should feel the same regardless of what map I am on or where I am on a particular map.



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Hi Paul, 

This really is a strange issue I never heard of, when in workout the  gradient should not effect you at all. I will have to create a ticket for you but before I will do so, can you please confirm you know how ERG mode works? A lot of people don’t and therefore think something’s wrong. HERE is a good article explaining it all just in case. 

Thank you