Resistance ERG Mode

My last 3 workouts I had problem with resistance in ERG Mode. In the middle of a training stage for no reason my Dare2Ride Fuego 1.0 with Garmin doungle ANT+ on my laptop with Windows 10 gets heavy and doesn’t work properly again, even turning the Controllable off and on again. I had to change to “Incline” via Companion to be able to complete the workout. My Zwift is on the latest version.

Hey Celio!

I also have a D2R Fuego 1.0 and the exact same thing has happened to me! The only difference is that I use Bluetooth to connect to a MacBook.

Were you able to solve the issue?

I tried many different things, but all of them were unsuccessful. I am starting to think that I should not connect the trainer as a resistance controller, but, instead, only as a power sensor.

Thank you!

Hi Bruno.

Are you Brazilian?

My problem was with the Fuego 1.0. I sent the equipment and after analysis they confirmed the problem.

Today I also use it via Bluetooth and I installed firmware 1.0 to work better in ERG Mode. Today is perfect.

If you want to contact me, you can call me (27) 99782-5151. It is also ZAP.


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