Reporting Harassment

This process is way to cumbersome and clunky.
I thought I would familiarize myself with the process and gave up.
I followed the link to the Zwift hub and there was a 5-6 step process to get to the reporting page.
One of the steps involved selecting the last option " something else".
I had to look back at the directions several times and concluded that the process is BAD.

I am somewhat tech illiterate compared to many but shouldn’t the reporting process be a lot easier and stream lined?

I went to the ZCA and tried to practice report a friend and a random rider and failed.

That’s my experience.

It’s pretty easy on Android using the companion app. Click on find zwifters in the menu, type name, click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner to report user.

I didn’t actually report you :wink:

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Ok, thanks, I’ll try it.
While running the game on Android, I still couldn’t do it.
I have not tried running the ZCA while running Zwift on PC.
Does it always require a 2nd device?