How to report riders

So it has to be reported to be found, and that’s thru some obscure link to a form that exists (only?) on the French Zwift website somewhere obscure?

No it’s not a French website and a simple search can find it see below.

Describe the process navigating to this link from

and what does the ‘/fr/’ part of the reporting link indicate? (link broken on purpose so it can be read easily)… replace beginning with https

fr would be france so that probably should be removed from the link but it does still work what are you seeing that you think it’s broken?

I get the sentiment though;

Getting onto the support site from isn’t immediately obvious (with the link at the top to the support site being hidden under “getting started”; and there’s a lot of scrolling to get the bottom quick link).

And whilst it’s great that there is a search bar at the top of the support site, searching for “report” or “reporting” or “zwiftpower” didn’t return a search result for that form to report suspicious race performances. I’m not sure whether that form is hidden from search results, or what terms are required to find it, but I haven’t been able to pull a link to it from the support site’s search.

That’s not great, and people can’t be expected to trawl forum posts on the off chance they might find a post for something that should show up on the site the form is hosted on.


The FAQ for ZwiftPower down the left is probably the closest thing: ZwiftPower FAQ

…but the links to the reporting form just point back to

I rarely looking at the zwift FAQ but gave it a try search for cheating seemed the most obvious thing.

most relevant seemed to be this page but no mention of how to report a user.

“If you think someone is cheating, please refrain from making accusations. Quite often, new members may simply need help with their setups. Be their hero and help them out!”

I could find the support sections on Zwift, but were you able to actually navigate to this specific form going thru the website? I never could find a link to this form through the site. All I came up with is the below instructional about using the companion app.

Im guessing it is well hidden by design, the marketing team won’t want a perceived negative “report all the cheaters” form front and center on the website that is mainly used to sign up new members. The front face of Zwift is that the “game” is fun and fast, easy to set up, and social. They will not want to highlight the fact that cheating is rife in the racing community.


I’ve only ever used google to find stuff on/in Zwift including forum posts, a lot easier imo. #1 result for “report cheat zwift” or “report rider zwift” for example provides a direct link to the form (for me).

You can also use companion app to do this, provided it hasn’t lost connection.

Tap the … beside a rider name in their profile and you get the same thing.

I think that’s a different reporting tool… isn’t the CA version for bullying or bad language or discrimination? I don’t think(?) it’s the same as the Zwiftpower reporting form that began this conversation

@Dean interesting, here’s my result… I don’t think any of these point to the zwiftpower form… unless you dig in the forum posts listed maybe…

You cannot in general report a Zwift rider you suspect of cheating in a race with that form.

You can only report a rider you suspect of cheating in a race if

  1. They have a zwiftpower account
  2. They have at least 15 races recorded on Zwift power
  3. You have observed them and suspected them of cheating in at least three races

This is what is known in the trade as a “high friction” process - a process that has been deliberately made awkward to use to discourage its use. Combine that with the lack of link from any other Zwift support page then you do wonder how interested they actually are.


Well that blows my mind. I used it yesterday and it WAS the ZP form, and checked it before I made the post above with several different searches…now its not going to the form!

It is indexed, but you really have to know it is there to find it (and, amusingly, using the word “cheat” doesn’t help)

Using the search string

report cheat

Then you get as the top two.


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Google weirdness … my two search strings are back to providing the ZP form as top result.

I wonder if the /fr/ portion of the reporting form link could be leading to google not returning hits very easily – putting low on the relevancy list anyway a page that’s tagged as being in a foreign language?