Repeated cuts of the application during events

In about 4 or 5 weeks, I have had 4 application phalluses during an event.
Specifically, in the last 3 “Matando o Corpo” of ZESP, held the previous Saturdays at 10:00.

During the event the application removes it, for no apparent reason without the possibility of continuing in the event.
This bad function, commented in our community, is not punctual, but during these events many users have been affected, and not always the same. I am talking about several dozen affected and for at least 5 weeks in which these failures have occurred. We have also observed that there is no common connection due to the type of hardware used, since the problem has occurred on all platforms.
In my case it has happened 3 consecutive times, and in the same event and with the same settings, I have managed to finish without problems on 4 previous occasions.

I have written to support, but since May 2 I have not received any response to the case.
Can you tell me what this is all about?

In case it helps, I use an iPad 5ºGEN, Trainer Elite Turno, and connect the Trainer and a heart band to the system.

Thank you

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