Repack Rush without equipment purchase

Is there a way to ride Repack Rush without purchasing a separate piece of equipment? We used to be able to use our phones with Repack Ridge… will this be enabled? Or is there some other way to free ride the route without having steering enabled?

I’m pretty sure the old steering with the phone on the handlebars has been discontinued because it was too unreliable. I’ve seen posts on here that you can pick up the Sterzo smart relatively cheaply now.

I’d like to re-visit this topic as there is now an achievement bagde listed for Repack Rush. An addition added for the 2024 Tour de Zwift.

As it stands, should one conclude that unless you have purchased Zwift Play to ride Repack Rush, you will not be able to attain the achievement badge?

Is Zwift looking at following suit of a fair number of other MMORPGs and start down that “pay-to-play” business model path?

Will there be an alternative way to earn the achievement badge?

Will Zwift be opening up the Zwift Play Blue Tooth protocol so other vendors can manufacture compatible devices?

I understand that this is one, single, lowly, achievement badge, but it does not make Zwift look good. At all.

Zwift Play isn’t the only steering device compatible with Zwift.

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Yep. Some of us were steering long before Zwift Play came along. Zwift aren’t forcing anyone to spend money with them.

As others have stated there are other non Zwift devices that can be used for steering so pretty much all of your statements are factually incorrect.

Thanks Colin. It seems there had been options that no longer work (phone, home brew Play builds rendered in-op by new firmware/bluetooth connection protocol upgrades) that led me to believe they locked down compatibility to Zwift only provided devices. My mistake.

Still wondering how one would attain an achievement badge for Repack Rush without a steering device? We may not be forced to spend money with Zwift, but IF sterring is required and one is OCD about achievments, it may cost them $100.00 or more.

Incorrect Stuart. Factually speaking they are questions.