Cheapest way to get the repack badge?


I’ve never been in need of the steering feature on Zwift as most of my rides are workouts, but I’m a badge hunter and not having the repack badge is irking me :rofl:

So, what’s the cheapest way in the U.K. to get steering on my Atv + companion set up. Currently my Zwift bike is my TT bike,

Thanks for any suggestions

Find someone local who will kindly lend you their steering device, or let you do a quick Zwift session on their setup at their place. :wink:

Second-hand Sterzo.

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? Can’t you ride repack without steering. I thought it was open to all these days. Your result would be rubbish, but it would be the cheapest solution.

I don’t think so, I’ve not been able to access it so far unless I’m missing something