Renpho Smart AI Bike compatibility


I recently purchased a Renpho Smart AI exercise bike hoping to use it with Zwift. Despite Renpho’s claims that it is compatible with Zwift, there are some features that do not work.

  1. When pairing my bike through the Zwift Companion on my Samsung Galaxy S22, the avatar on my Windows 11 PC will not pedal. Everything shows connected correctly.

  2. Calibration gets stuck at 3 and will not advance to step 4 no matter how long I pedal. I tried pedaling for up to 45 minutes.

If everything worked, this would be a great entry level bike for Zwift. The price is right and you can move it around your house easily on the transport wheels, and you don’t have to go through the maddening exercise of finding the right Wahoo setup.

I contacted Renpho, but they responded “all features might not work.” So clearly, they have no intention of making sure all Zwift features work with their bike. Is this something someone at Zwift can do? I feel like Zwift would sell far more memberships if there was a low-cost, convenient solution like Renpho that works with all Zwift features. Given the number of posts from people seeking exactly this type of solution, it’s hard to imagine why Zwift and Renpho don’t partner up, ensure EVERYTHING works, and make lots of money. If this Renpho bike advertised, UNAMBIGUOUSLY, 100% Zwift compatibility, it would sell like hotcakes and pull in corresponding Zwift licenses.

I asked about Zwift compatibility in Prime forums prior to purchasing the bike, and Renpho said “we use the same protocol so it should work.” Well, some things DON’T work, but it feels like this is just a matter of someone fixing software bugs.

I’m not sure how you’re calibrating it, but do not use Zwift for that. The Renpho sales info says calibration is “factory set” meaning you cannot calibrate it. That is normal for most spin bikes. Any suspected calibration issues should be directed to Renpho.

If you want to use it with Zwift, a lot of bikes with compatibility issues can be bridged to Zwift using the QZ app ( If you want to try that, talk to the developer, @Roberto_Viola

He will provide 1-on-1 support for configuring the app and if the bike is not already supported by QZ you can work with him to add it.

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@William_Bertram QZ developer here. Let me know if you have any questions!