Remove powerups on penultimate banner

Currently we have 2 options:

Powerups allowed

Powerups removed at first banner

For large crit style races it would be useful to have powerups disabled on the penultimate banner. This removes the chaos and unfairness of 100+ riders firing aero in the last 300m.

Remove the aero in the last 5km lets say and strong riders can chance their luck by going long with 1,2,3km to go. They’d often succeed in breaking up the blob and make for an interesting finish.

The blob should have to work in the run-up to a final sprint just as in real life. Right now the blob will just sit in at ~45kph and within the last 3-500m everyone fires an aero. Speed of the entire blob shoots up to 70kph+ and anyone that made the choice to go long is caught, no matter how strong.

Excellent idea, Zwift can we add this functionality please!

Yes I agree also.

I do this manually on my workout events. Automatic would be most helpful. Good idea.

Yes agree

Especially as the fields swell & prizes increase for racing, this makes 100% sense

Yes, please!

Can we fix the blob whilst we’re at it?



100% agree. Let’s get this organised :+1:

By the time the blob is fixed we’re all be racing on the promising new other platforms David

Sounds good!

I agree as well.  This would be a useful for many races.

Powerups removed if they do it at the last banner would be, one down side is,  going to be ■■■■ show, on the Watopia  Flat/hilly route  going  into up hill sprint.

Yeas please!!!

Agree, however would riders tactically hold on to the aero powerup if they get it with one lap to go?  As such, could you also remove any ‘banked’ powerups when going under the banner of the last lap perhaps, thus making it a fair fight to the line?