Additional powerups

For now the powerups are a little limited, the useful is aero boost for the sprint finish and is the “go to” tactic for all races.
I would like to see some more powerups to add some tactics that can change the current meta. we rarely see breaks work, when there is a blob who can pull back anyone trying to break.
A breakaway powerup would be interesting IMO.
The way id imagine it would work is that when activated, it simply just gives you aero boost ( something thats already there now in the game ). but, the length of time it stays activated changes depending on how much race is left.
ie; <10mk/6 miles the breakaway powerup acts just like aero ( 30 secs)
10-20km remaining, the breakaway powerup lasts for (2 minutes)
20-40km remaining, the breakaway powerup lasts for (5 minutes)
40+ lasts for 7 minutes.

This may just add another dynamic to races. What do you think?