Make the length of the aero powerup dependent on how for you are from the finish

The aero powerup should be modified to improve the chances of riders talking “flyers” or breaking away, or bridging up to the next group. If you are further than 1km from the end of a race, than the aero powerup should be about 40 seconds long, but within 1km than the aero powerup should be just 10 seconds long. These changes should make Zwift racing even more interesting.

I don’t see how it makes things any different. 40 seconds would last at least the whole final kilometre, so you’ll just get everyone punching it early.

I still think it would work. The final kilometre usually takes 60 seconds for pros, not 40. If 40 seconds is too much, than then perhaps just make the power-up last for 30 or 35 seconds.

I don’t think I’d be in favor of changing any of the power ups except for the feather. I think the feather should reduce the rider’s weight by a certain percentage, instead of a fixed weight. To me this would make things more even across all riders when using this power up. Perhaps other power ups have differing advantages to different riders, but I think this is the biggest disparity.


Seems you got what you wanted…
I was against this since lighter riders pay a greater % penalty for bike mass, and the feather actually reduced the bike mass to close to zero, so it made climbing closer to rider W/kg. IRL if a thin rider and thick rider have the same W/kg, the thick rider will climb faster, since the bike is a smaller fraction of his total mass.

But they did it anyway.