Remove 1st ultra-fast dip in Watopia S's, make me nauseous

The first dip in the Watopia S’s always make me feel ill, optically it’s like a rollercoaster and not a road, it’s too quick and changes direction too quickly always makes me feel sick.

Too be honest it spoils the experience and I now find myself looking away for a few seconds until I know it has past.

I will not be able to continue using Watopia if this is not fixed soon…please, it adds no value to the lap, it is over too quick to affect speed/effort, it is just annoying, please I beg you remove it or flatten it/remove the dip.

go the other direction


Try changing your avatar view. I can see you point, though it does not bother me (in fact I like this sensation), when using the first person view at good speed.

If I follow my avatar from further behind (1)  I don’t get any such feedback. Problem solved.

Alternatively, just switch into helicopter view when you come down this stretch.

No reason not to use watopia.