Rejoining Pace Partners?

Hiya, folks. Just started riding with pace partners in Watopia and wondering if it’s possible, when I get dropped, to rejoin a pace partner without either A) waiting for the peloton to come back along the route or; B) exiting the ride and starting a new one.

If this isn’t currently possible, I think it would be a great feature add. I had to stop for a mechanical today and couldn’t catch back up. Thus, I was required to split my ride into two separate rides.

What do you think?


Do a U-turn and ride until you meet the pace-partner again and do another U-turn.

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The U-turn method is not that simple, I have tried it twice, but never succeeded. I just fail to see the bot coming from the other side.

For me the easiest way, is end the ride, start a new ride. Okay you will have two rides, but I upload my rides on Strava. Just merge both fit files into one, with fitfiletools.

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Great tip, thank you. I never thought about merging files in Strava. I’ll give it a try.