Looking for help ! I recently suffered a torn Achilles tendon. As I’m trying get back on my saddle, I find that all the trainings I try are way too intense. Are there any rehabilitation trainings available out there? If not, does anyone want to create one (I can be your Guinea pig).

Avoid the training plans. Talk to your doctors and physios and they’re probably going to tell you to go easy for a while. I’d start with solo free rides and resist the urge to complete any routes or workouts. The good news is that in the long run, easy riding is great training for performance as well.

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You’ll probably need to lower your FTP to match your current level. That’ll make the workouts less intense but Paul is right with his answer in that light solo spins on the flat are the order of the day.

I broke my hip 01 dec 2019. I was back easy training on zwift 17 december 2019. I rode in trainers

How long ago? I’ve done this and was NOT allowed any cycling at all (even indoor) for a good 8-10 weeks with the threat that if I didn’t follow the advice I’d not ride or walk again properly.

Use this time to do other off the bike workouts that don’t involve the injured parts.

Consult with your physio on the right steps.

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