Hip tendonitis?

I bought Zwift Hub 2 months ago. I managed to ride 2700 km in that timeframe which is quite a lot for me. So not surprisingly I managed to get Hip tendonitis (after the Rapha Festive 500). I went to my family medicine doctor and I am currently waiting for an appointment for the Orthopedic Doctor (she is still on holiday/vacation).

I was wondering if you could tell me, how long should I wait, have you waited after your hip tendonitis to ride again?
Did you stretch, massage and went straight back to training? Did you wait a few days, a few weeks?

I feel fine, in a couple of days I will get a professional diagnosis and treatment, but I was wondering what you think. (I am planning on waiting two weeks and than go back at it as normal and stretch a lot in the meantime).

I’m not a medical doctor. But I wouldn’t try to do much of anything to actively help, as you might do the wrong thing. As I understand it, stretching in the right way can help tendonitis, but stretching things the wrong way can make it worse.

RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) is a standard mantra, but I know a number of physical therapists who will say that you should do things to strengthen the surrounding muscles too–that just resting and ice and then returning too quickly to the activity can also make it worse.

So if you’re going to stretch or do anything before your appt, I’d definitely do some research into what stretches to do and what to avoid. But if it’ll only be a couple of days, you might just want to wait and get a professional’s opinion. RICE won’t hurt until then.

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i had a different kind of tendonitis (wrists… sprinting from the hoods indoors is not very kind to them) and i rode normally for a month or so without doing any major sprint work, then took a week off over xmas and it seems to have resolved itself

i am not a doctor so please do get a professional opinion but i think the general NHS advice for tendonitis is that it’s recommended to keep moving the affected joint but don’t put it under excess load. you should be able to keep riding in some capacity

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Anything regarding hip, don’t chance it. Rest and seek professional advice from the physiotherapists.

If you must keep going then just take it very easy and don’t overdo it.

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you must subscribe to the old saying that “anything worth doing is worth doing to excess” Me too with pretty much the same results. i would go with Chris Denton’s advice and see a good physiotherapist

I just stopped running and did the exact same time cycling.
My muscles, bones, heart and lungs could deal with it, my iliofemoral tendon couldn’t.