Recovery training from injury

Hi everybody! I’ve got a question. I injured my quadriceps last Sunday bening to fanatic on the Sunday HERD Endurance Ride. Which training rides can I savely do to keep moving and recover from this injury? Nothing is torn far as I cab tell but is very ‘sensitive’.

Thanks a lot in advance!


I’m not sure any workouts would be the best advice.

I would consider some gentle stretching to the point you can feel it pull.

It’s telling you there’s a problem for a reason. As someone who has ridden through such issues I’d not advise doing so.

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Impossible for us to decide on the forum when you should cautiously start riding again, but when you do, I’d suggest starting out well inside your z1 training zone and see how you feel.

I’ve been doing a much more z1/2 riding and far less z4+ since last November, what I often did was ERG workouts such as Emily’s Short Mix, having reduced my FTP in Zwift so all intervals stayed in my pre-illness (~3.5 weeks of flu) z1/2. Often I did multiple workouts on the same ride to typically do 60-90mins each day. The small changes in interval power requirements helped make sessions more intresting and gave me a small indication of how my body felt with varying effort.

If it hurts when you pedal, then please don’t ride. You’d do much better to rest it for a while and then gently start building up intensity again when you can do so without any pain. Otherwise you’re likely to do more damage and prolong your recovery. Please see a specialist (e.g. a sports injury person) if you’re in any doubt.