PCL Injury Recovery

Hello All, first introduction, previously a keen cyclist many years, London to Paris and so on. Really got into running, last year running multiple trail marathons and finally ultra. This and lack of strength training… resulted in a torn/ strained PCL (physio diagnosing not doctor).

I have made it worse through a combination of trying to run too soon, and cycling outdoors on trails.

Now to the point, anyone use Zwift workouts to assist with recovery. I’m struggling to know what helps or could cause more damage. With lock down, unable to see physio or doctor. Help/ advice will be appreciated.

FYI, using Kickrsnap with my cannondale road bike, clipped in

Hi @Charlie_Walker1, welcome to the forums!

First of all, I’m not a doctor so you should really get advice from a medical professional. Do they have telemedicine available, video visits or something like that? Most large health systems now offer that.

WebMD says to recover by very light exercise, walking in a pool or on a treadmill. Translating that to cycling would be riding at a very low wattage on a flat route like Tempis Fugit in Watopia. If you start to experience knee pain, stop immediately.

Also, strengthening your thigh muscle to help stabilize the knee, so get your thighmaster out of the attic :joy:

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Lol :grin:, thanks will give the lower intense workouts a go… :grin: