Cycling feet

Hey guys, so Ive been trying to train in running as well as cycling and though my techniques in running are great and the distance is low, im always getting some kind of injury or another. I seem to only be able to run a day a month because im healing every other day.

My question is; if I only cycling for like 6mo do you think itll strengthen my feet and ankle muscles and tendons to resist the ground? I know its no impact in cycling but i have read that itll help the achilles, for example, be more sturdy as it toughens the muscles it attaches to.

At the moment im out on an achilles injury. Before that was another percieved tendon injury. Thoughts?


Well my first though is “Don’t run”…who wants to be injured all the time?

My second thought is check your shoes and/or support. Do you need arches/orthotics, etc…

Third is: are you trying to run too much, too soon? Limit running to a couple of hundred yards and walk. Gradually increase running distance.

If you have a treadmill, just ramp the incline. Once you get to 7-8% and walk at 3 mph…just about as good as running and much easier on the body.

I used to run a lot. Never got injured. Now its small bits. I ran a mile every 3 days for a month. Then 1.5 every 3 days for a month. Then 2 miles for a month. Back to injuryville :confused:
So im wondering if cycling will strengthen the muscles and tendons.

For what it’s worth, I went from exclusively running to exclusively cycling after getting shin splints and finding Zwift. Yes I know neither is ideal. Anyway all was fine for a long time (well over two years) until I randomly picked up a persistent knee strain that just wouldn’t go away no matter how much I rested, took it easy, stretched more/less/differently etc. Probably had it on and off for several months. I’d changed absolutely nothing with my bike setup.

Anyway when my trainer was in for a warranty replacement I decided to do some casual runs to keep my fitness up and my problem went away in a matter of weeks. I now reckon I had just lost overall strength in whatever tendons or muscles, which was causing my knee pain, and doing a run every now and then prevents this (or helped it recover completely, if an injury). This is just my experience, I’m certainly no physio or expert on balanced training etc. But I’ve been really pleased with the ‘solution’ I stumbled upon.

I know this is sort of the opposite of your question, but thought it might be of interest.

if you want to get better at running, you need to run.

cycling doesn’t hit the muscles/joints/tendons in the same way as running.

if you are getting injured every other run, you are likely going too hard, especially if you used to run a lot, but have taken an extended hiatus from the sport - the muscle memory will be there, but the tendon strength won’t be. orrr ur shoes are totally wrong for ur feet /shrug. or maybe you are running with your knees flailing about all over the place instead of everything staying in a straight forward-facing line, who knows! also make sure you ease into a run - gently ramp it up over 5-10mins so you get a bit of a warm up - don’t just hit the tarmac and go full speed from cold as that is a recipe for disaster. ■■■■ you can even start out just by walking then build into a jog and so on.

you could also just sack off running entirely, and switch to cycling, which is the way better option :smiley: