New rider hoping to strengthen

Hi everyone! I’m a new bike rider, I’ve never done any cardio training or long distance leg training (more of a sprinter than marathon runner, used to play tennis). Hoping to get stronger, although it’s a long road. Also dealing with some knee problems as I try to strengthen my legs for my other sports (volleyball and golf). Can’t wait to get where I want to be at and make some new friends along the way!

Hey there, I used to play a ton of volleyball and golf, was a swing hitter, and my shoulder still hasn’t forgiven me for that :slight_smile:

I also had a bunch of knee issues too, and for me personally biking has been very helpful, after months of consistent biking I have no pain in my knees anymore - also lost a bit of weight which probably helped too :slight_smile: I’m sure it depends on specifically what knee issues you have, but hopefully biking does for your what it did for me in that regard.

I do golf, volleyball, and used to play tennis, my shoulders and knees hate me :joy: looking to gain muscle weight to help protect my joints. I see you are in Seattle, im down in Tacoma! But yeah, hoping the low impact workouts of biking help rehab my knees.

I lived in Seattle for 14 years but have since moved north - it was too big a pain to change my alias on the 30 different services I’m on and Seattle still holds a place in my heart anyhow, so I kept the name :slight_smile:

If you’re new to biking you’ll probably want to start a bit slow to make sure you have a setup that you feel good on for more than 30 mins. When I started biking indoors I found that how static the bike was made riding less comfortable than outdoors, so I needed to get better bike shorts, better fan, make some bike adjustments, and spend some time adjusting to riding indoors. I also did a lot of lower intensity riding to start with just get used to biking for longer distances before bothering with higher intensity workouts which I think was good for me.

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