Training partners in their 70's sought

I am looking for others my age to ride with. I recently rode with someone on Bkool for 24 minutes and my heart rate was mostly near 169 (my theoretical max is 145). I don’t know if I suck or the other rider was 40 years my junior. I am not trying to find someone to beat, just someone to ride with. I would most likely strive to finish together.

Hi there I’m 67 and now riding a bike fir the first time in 50 years! So I expect I will be too slow fir you. I have severe arthritis in my knee and was advised to cycle by specialist. I would be delighted to ride with you but usually only manage about 20mins at the moment . Slowely building up daily . Also my internet is rubbish so my avatar keeps stopping lol 

I seem to be very slow but haven’t calibrated trainer yet as spanner hasn’t popped up! 

I will look fir you tomoz when I ride . When do you usually ride

I generally average a bit under 200 watts when I ride and I like to

ride for about 30 minutes every other day.

That’s probably beyond me fir a while yet . Wouldn’t want to hold you up. 

Im only avg about 48 w and 20 mins at moment , trying to do that every day .

toda was 3 miles in 20 mins . I’m enjoying it so that’s whats important . Hope you find someone to ride with ,perhaps I’ll be able to keep up with you in a bit 

Good luck to you on your rides. My joints are worn out and cycling is the only physical workout I can do without pain. Stay with it!

Yes same here! Thank you see you on the road sometime I’ve justvrealised you are in USA so tine differences would have been difficult too . Best wishes