Training advice please

Hi all,

I thought I’d ask what you think to how I’m training.

I’m 49, 85KG, 185cm and FTP 270. Normally I road and XC MTB but new baby has cut down the hours I can commit to riding. I now zwift twice a week as follows. I go hard both times because 1) i just enjoy messing myself up a bit and 2) my hours on the bike are very limited.

Session 1, 1 hour intervals, hard and on my limit.

Session 2, 1.5 -2 hour group C ride, which i find hard,

I mix it up with sessions following the C and B bots (C is too easy, B is a case of holding on for as long as I can).

At this moment I’m training to do some 2-3 MTB XC rides inthe summer and want to have the fitness and power to enjoy it.

Would you do anything differently?

You are 49, not 50 yet - but I would recommend this book:

Ride on!

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Cheers Milan, will check it out!