Consolidating fitness instead of improving

Hi coaches and experienced Zwifters,

I just started Zwifting and like it a lot. I started an FTP training, but what I’m really looking for is a training to keep my fitness on the present level. I’m in the 60+ category and not very interested in winning races, but I would like to win the race against time and decline, while having fun (even when it hurts a bit).
Can you advise me?

Thanks and… Ride On.

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if you don’t mind reading, fast after 50 by joe friel is the book for you. i aint 50 yet, but i learned most of the broad strokes from his training bible and i’m told that book is just as definitive

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The book is very good, read also Joe’s blog:

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Thanks @Milan_Rost and @S_A_Cestria_CC , I will read that. :+1:

I’m also curious about the Zwift related trainings and workouts. Which are more suited to someone (not necessarily old) who wants to consolidate their form ?

I would say that all the training plans are focused on improving fitness, not maintaining it.

Do you mean the 10-12 week FTP builder? That one is aimed at newbies, and it does progress the intensity up week by week. It’s got two harder sessions per week. Generally the training plans will aim at progression.

If you already did structured intervals, the clear answer would be just keep doing what you are currently doing. If you want to win the race against time, it may be best to still do some VO2max workouts, just to make sure your heart is getting the training stimulus it needs. Other than that, you could just ride sweet spot - the Zwift SST workouts are odd in that they aren’t actually at sweet spot, so I prefer to manually create my own. But generally, find workouts that you can complete comfortably and keep doing those - go further if you want, take a day off if you want.

Or you could keep doing group rides! Find a group that’s about your pace. Find a race if you want.

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