Ok, what next?

I’ve just got one group activity to go; I’ve finished all 8 workouts.
Despite not signing up to Training Plan, it’s become clear to me that, for my overall power/FTP, I am far, far better at anaerobic efforts than aerobic ones… the anaerobic workouts have been hard in the fun way and certainly very achievable; the aerobic ones leave me shattered, panting - and in WO#7, I even had to turn the final set of 8 reps down to 90% halfway through.
I seem to run a slow HR as well (I’m 49 and the highest I’ve hit, IIRC, is 154bpm… the notes on my old HRM instructions suggest I was low against expected when I was cycling lots in my twenties, too).

I’m not entirely surprised that my lungs aren’t the best, as I am very very slightly asthmatic (caused by an infection about 25 years ago… not covid of course, but I do know what the effects of catching something can be…)

I ride in real life for fun, freedom, getting outdoors; fitness and a bit of weight control; speed/racing isn’t my thing although that doesn’t mean I don’t like to push myself a bit at times.

So, now I have this information… what should I do with it? What would be the best sort of training to look at for me?

I’ve got a nasty feeling the top performance answer will be “lots of VO2 work” as I guess I need to push the weak points; but I worry that would be demotivating in the longer run as it really is not fun for me, and I suspect I’ll always be somewhat limited by my lungs.

Thanks in advance for all help, pointers and comments :slight_smile:

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Two choices…

  1. Concentrate on your strengths, short uphill bursts are your thing, leave your friends behind and wait for them at the top.

  2. Focus on your weak spots. Plenty of sweet spot interval training, over/unders etc.

The choice is yours, but building on your strengths is more fun!

I quite enjoyed the overs/unders to be fair… I might try some more of those next week.

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