Severe arthritis in knee

Hi  I have severe arthritis in knee I’m 66 years old and nit ridden a bike fir 40 years! 

Specialist siggested stationery bike excercise. So I have borrowed a bike and got a tacx flow trainer , I’m only doing about a minute a day and slowing building up . I just like to watch the other bikers etc on Zwift so nit much achievement so far. If I go for a course later is ther a flat ride because I certainly won’t be managing hills for awhile lol 

Must admit really enjoying this and want to go further but limited at moment it took mr two days of real pain to actually do a full circle with the pedals but much freer now feels proud of what will seem very small achievement to you all .

Hang in there.  I finally had to have a TKR at age 48 after years of abuse and multiple reconstructions and revisions.  Cycling will help with ROM and strengthening.  Talk to your MD and PT and see what they recommend.   Perhaps you can build up your saddle time and gradually increase your efforts, and maybe be riding outside in the Spring.  

Thank you I was afraid I would be a laughing stock just riding very slowly! I would love to ride outside one day I’m an absolute fanatic of the tour, Volta etc I watch the cycling whenever it’s on . I would love to ride my bike while watching the races next year that would be fun . Your support is most welcome 

All the course will have some climbing. However if you are doing just a few minutes then you could ride a flat section then when you reach a hill turnaround and do the flat section in reverse. To turnaround you can use the direction arrow key on a mac or pc or zwift mobile link (the phone app), not sure how to complete this in apple TV / phones/ipad. 

Another option is to build a custom workout at just one segment at a very low wattage. In this case even if you reach a hill it won’t matter as the power will be locked into what you have chosen.

Good luck - It easy to take your health for granted. I think you are doing great!

Caroline, ride very easy (use gearing), but try to ride longer and longer.

Also make sure you are using full extension of your leg (but not overextending!)

38 here, with trauma induced arthritis; cycling is what keeps my knee working.

ride on!

Thank you I’m still getting to grips with gears lol my last bike 45 years ago didn’t have gears! But I’m managing a bit further each day loving it 

Caroline, I’m 62 and osteoarthritis in my right knee.  Doc says I just wore it out.  I’m prevented from doing anything like heavy lifting, running, walking distances, stair climbers, anything impact.  I used to be an avid cyclist in my 20’s, so I bought a bike in hopes of finding something to keep in shape with.  It worked!  I can ride for hours now with no pain or swelling.  I understand that your knee is probably much worse than mine, but keep it up.  I ride slow, but I don’t care and you shouldn’t either.  I encourage you to RIDE ON!!  

Oh wow that’s really encouraging I rode 3 miles the other day and suffered fir it so I know now what’s too much! The specialist told me to start with 1 minute and build up, but of course I went at it like a bull in a china shop . 

Thanks fir the comments I will certainly take it slower and keep trying a bit more each time . Besides I’m getting bored with this bit of road I want to see what’s around the corner lol 

My knees were sore after riding on Zwift and I started using a copper sleeve and it has helped.  Good luck and dont quit!!!