Looking for Daily Riders to Join/Join Me 20+ Miles a Day

1/9/21 EST 330pm I will be doing Tour of Fire and Ice. 130-150 watt avg. Maybe more. My climbs are 300-400watts.

Are you a pro athlete? A FTP of 356 is very good.

I suspect it is your setup on an unsupported trainer giving you cycling super powers. Not very many people will be able to keep up with you.


No sir. Just a dude who has biked a lot in his day. altho 350 something is just a number to me that i dont fully grasp i do know in real world settings (wind, hills) currently i can bicycle a legit 20 mph for 2 hours. the score in the game was obtained from being capped at that rate. Thats just my traveling speed. I could probably push double for an hour if i was trying to do some actual testing. 10 years ago i bicycled 100 miles a day. this summer i only put down 26 every other day or so, but im not exactly coming from scratch. my heart rate monitor arrives today, but it feels like for the most part im staying pretty low rate. i’ll probably get a wahoo trainer soon so i guess if u value that data stayed tuned to my channel and soon enough we will get some more info.

I am guessing once you get a smart trainer or a power meter your FTP is going to drop about 100 watts.

356 is extremely good for anyone, let alone a recreational rider.

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not many keep up in real life. pros still zip by me. i never expected anyone to keep up. i dont mind slowing pace. im a rec rider like u said.

Hi George,
I don’t know if you have tried the desert routes, they are usually quite busy. You will generally come across impromptu groups.
Tick Tock and Tempus Fugit are pretty popular. If you want a bit more climbing then Sand and Sequoias would be a good choice.