Reflecting vest for super long ride (Brevet/Audax)

Dear Zwift staff,

I wish I was wearing a reflecting vest when I tried for a long ride like 200km or more. Please kindly consider providing reflecting vests to riders who love long ride such as Brevet or Audax.

The riders who run Brevet or Audax must wear reflecting vests as it is regulated. For those Brevet/Audax lovers, reflecting vests are iconic item which ask each riders if they are ready to keep running day and night. I attached sample photos of reflecting vests. Not only myself but other Brevet lovers should be waiting for the vests.

Please keep us more motivated. I will wait for a good news.

Best regards,
Japanese Randonneur who loves Brevet and Audax.

TO: All the Randonneur and Randonneuse , Let’s wear the iconic reflecting vests in Zwift. Please support my request with your vote!

That’s what I have been waiting for. For myself, wearing a reflecting vest is a kind of commitment for long rides longer than 200km. As wearing the vest, I always talk to myself if I’m ready for a super long ride which takes days and nights. I definitely vote for reflecting vest!

Please don’t. There are already too many reflective things in the game. Wear your vests whilst on the real bike but not in the game.

Ideas like this in my view fit into a larger sense of goal riding and how Zwift can make it more visible.  If I see someone has ridden 180km I can reasonable presume they have in mind to do a double metric, but it takes a while for it to become evident.  What are some other types of goals?  I suggest:

  1. Set a PR on a lap/sprint/kom
  2. Ride x number of hours
  3. Ride x distance
  4. Set a new FTP

It would be cool as an option when you start a ride to be able to enter or select a goal.  When that is set then I would like to see an icon in the rider list (arrow in a bullseye) that shows that the rider has a goal.  If you click on the person name you would see their point of view, but also see what goal they are shooting for and some indicator of its completion.

I suggest this kind of visualization because endurance riding and the vests are very well tied to one kind of goal but I bet there are many types.

Unlock a vest styled jersey after completing a 200km or longer ride would be a fun add-on.