Long Ride Display -->80km

Today I’m going to be doing a 80km ride and I was thinking that it would be cool to have a way to let other know when you are doing a long ride so they can cheer you on.  It would be a simple as –>80km in from to of you name to hack the user board.

Then people will be able to see you total kms that you have complete and a what you are hoping to ride during that session.

Or if Zwift wanted to be able to do more with that data have a field on the start screen where a user could enter how long they expect to ride in Kms.  They the display could show user that are doing long rides.




I would think this sort of folds into something that lets you state an optional “goal” for the ride.  Looking at this more broadly I could see people having various goals:

  1. Ride x hours/minutes without stopping
  2. Ride x distance
  3. Average x watts (or speed)
  4. Achieve variability index greater/lower than x (geeky power meter users)

If a person is doing a goal-based ride, show an arrow icon next to their name sort of like the mobile or workout icon and display it partially filled in 25% increments for how far along they are.  If you click on their name have the screen show what goal they are targeting.