100,000kms = captain bars. Levels are meaningless

Now that the Levels and XP points are meaningless for the longe term long mileage riders, why not add something new to designate those people. How about for every 100,000kms a person rides in zwift they get captains bars on their jersey or helmet or leg( like Ironman) to designate the success of those people? So 1 bar for each 100,000km ridden. Then we can easily see those people when riding like burrito killer and Keith Roy etc. they should be celebrated.

If it is that important, put it in your name, like:

  • vegan
  • 7yo (while doing 8wkg)
  • 25 years streak
  • +100k
  • look at me

Or [tri] or some derivative of that.

Zwift ought to add triathlon specific kit for those people so they don’t have to put it on their name.

If I’m keeping track, I’m actually at what would be level 102 now but I’m not that bothered - to be honest I’m on a break from Zwift and riding outside much more.

A special badge or marker for the folk who have the fitness to ride up Alpe du Zwift at 28 minutes might be a good way to celebrate their achievement.

More seriously, a special thing to show people who have done really crazy rides like double or triple vEverest would be something I’d support. A triple vEverest was done the other weekend. Very long time to be riding even with breaks.

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Feature request: 5:1 reverse stock split on Zwift levels

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i put all that in there. you can’t make fun of me for being [redacted] if you don’t find out i’m actually[redacted] until you reach chapter 27 of my zwift username. i’m not actually [redacted] , but you won’t find that out until [redacted] . nothing but [redacted] for [redacted]. [redacted]


Now actually curious what is in chapter 12, and how the story ends.

#cliffhanger :grimacing:

We need an unpopular opinions thread. :joy:

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But it does interest me and others. So I’m always happy when I meet Zwifters who, like me, were already beta users. People who have built up a nice, friendly community. The off-topic posts here are neither nice nor funny. It would be better if they were deleted. I support the idea of “the Rock”.

But still it’s nice to have goals that are ‘difficult yet achievable’ in a game. Unlocks that you had to specifically work towards, and put effort into achieving are a thing in most games. For Zwift, when they reduced the leveling I can see how folks who ride a lot no longer feel there’s a lot of that to shoot for in Zwift. I don’t ride that much compared to those folks, and I go up a level every week now.

I mean sure you can internally try and target a goal of a certain power that you’re training, but it’s nice to have an unlock to shoot for that you feel is a stretch, yet still do-able.

So, if your goal is to ride a ton, what within the game itself is helping to motivate that goal for folks who are already L100? Not much, and of course you can motivate yourself by many other ways, but if there were captains bars for every 100k kms, that would be something that would help those folks out. Maybe some unlock for a ridiculous amount of elevation gain too? Maybe some unlock for a ridiculous amount of pizza slices earned too? Different people get motivated by different things, so having different unlocks for different large goals sounds reasonable to me.

Surprising how the thread goes from celebrating people with distance/ long term zwifters/ probably paid into the pot more than others to trolling to Vegan to other non related issues. So sad. My opinion is the people that have supported zwift the longest and probably have the most miles should be rewarded with simple bars maybe in their calves like Ironman. All other goals imo can be done in days weeks or months. But mileage like BK and KR and others have takes many many many years to accomplish. That’s it. So simple. Moving in.

I highly doubt if we should celebrate them.

I even dare to start the discussion to compare it with who is the lightest rider.

We have discussions of “racing” during group-rides

Why should we also want a battle of who has ridden the most in Zwift

Often this is coupled with an unhealthy obsession. I know I was one of them who was battling within their team of most training hours. Because it was so easy to do, one could lose focus of what is really important (for a captain bar)

While this might be no issue, for 99% of the population, it might be for the one. And we have also discussions about the pizza-slices.

Too much of a who is pissing the furthest-contest

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i’m sincerely sorry. i should have picked a different demographic to make my stupid joke about. i’ll upload a 500 word apology to my zwift username tomorrow

This went off topic rather quickly. Locking this now.

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