Long Distance Achievements

Now that the winter season is seriously upon us in the northern hemisphere it would be fun with some achievements to tick off for those of us who like longer sessions.  It’s OK if you hide them away in ‘extra credit’ if you don’t want to demotivate the sprinters :slight_smile:


Apprentice randonneur - complete a 200k brevet

Journeyman randonneur - complete a 300k brevet

Randonneur - complete a 400k brevet

Expert randonneur - complete a 600k brevet

Super randonneur - complete a super-randonnee (this is a 600k with at least 10 000m elevation, so essentially 8 pretzels and a bit)

Speaking of pretzels, how about:

A pretzel a day keeps the doctor away - like unemployed but with the lap being the pretzel (I realise this requires implementing the world choice option, but I can wait for that, or you could allow the London pretzel perhaps)


Jerseys are cool too, for the longer ones perhaps?

There are three acheivements: century and 100 clicks (or something like that). Lot of people use gray and black jerseys.

There are “from time to time” some long distance missions (last one was 180km Diamondback). But no special jerseys “by default”. If you didn’t win a bike… you get nothing.

I think, that missions should be “renamed” to acheivements. It would be nice to collect virtual bikes, helmets, jerseys. No “promo” codes, of course :slight_smile:

As of this writing, all 31 routes is just over 1000km.  How about an achievement for completing all of them within 75 clock hours?