Reebok jet 300 +


I’m thinking of purchasing the reebok jet 300+

Can anyone advise will this be compatible and when connected will the incline change automatically

Thanks in advance

Currently there are no treadmills capable of doing auto incline directly.

You can use a third party app in order to achieve this. It’s not always easy to do though depending on your expertise with technology.

However the Reebok Jet 300+ is not compatible with Zwift.


Thanks for replying. There is a reebok jet 100z in Argos that says it’s zwift compatible. You ever tried this? I’d of thought if that’s being advertised as comparable the incline should be automatically

That appears to be Zwift compatible. It still won’t give you auto incline as standard though.

In terms of the treadmill it’s quite poor. The motor is weak which will cause variations in speed as the motor will struggle to maintain belt speed.

As a minimum you need something with 2.5CHP.

Do you have a set budget?

Yes around £500

You’re right at the bottom end of the budget for anything remotely half decent I’m afraid.

It depends on where your treadmill journey is going. If you’re going to really get into it then you’re going to be really disappointed with an initial purchase.

If it’s for the odd session and you’re not taking things too seriously then you might just get away with that budget.